The RP Adam sponsored BBA pantomime horse race is back Saturday 18th of October!

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We are delighted to team up with Kelso Races for the fifth time and announce the Borders Barmy Army National Pantomime Horse Race 2014. This event is part of the BBA challenge to run the New York City marathon in aid of the Fire Fighters Charity and to raise vital funds for the BGH Macmillan Cancer Centre.

We are absolutely delighted to annonce the race is being sponsored by R.P. Adam for the 4th time in a row!

This is a very exciting and unique way, not only to support charity, but also to support your local community as we are an official Macmillan committee and we guarantee that Macmillan’s share of this campaign will go to help local people as we have done for the last four years.

This Pantomime Horse race will be taking place on Sunday the 18th of October 2014 and will be Bigger and Better than the year before!

As with last year, we are offering a cash prize for the winning Horses, the Saddle Cloths will be professionally printed by Reiver Embroidery showing sponsors names and logos. We have recruited an official photographer to capture all of the action and the prize giving ceremony! This will be a novel and great way to advertise your business and donate to renowned and deserved charities!

We would like to offer you an excellent advertising and fun opportunity:-

Horse Sponsor Package:-
1. Cash Prizes now on offer of 1st Place £100, 2nd Place £60, 3rd Place £40 Plus SPECIAL PRIZE for last place! This will be presented to the winning horses during our official winning ceremony.
2. Professional Printed Saddle Cloth with Sponsor Name and Logo.
3. PA announcement of your horse, business name and a Paragraph of your choice explaining your business in front of 6000 spectators!
4. A good chance of TV appearance (Courtesy of Sky’s At the races! Some of the action was picked up at each race over the last four years!). See below for YouTube video of our inaugural race 2009, 2011 and 2913.
5. All Horse Sponsors will receive their logo and business description in the race card next to their entry.
6. Free entry to Kelso Races for the two Runners in your horse.
Sponsors are asked to provide two adventurous people to run in their horse. The winners of our big race will have their photo taken with our official race sponsor showing the winning horse logo. This photo will be sent to the local press, who always print it, after our big day! Don’t forget your company logo may be show on Sky’s At the races if the camera picks up the action like they have done in the past.
7. We would prefer you to provide the 2 runners but we can supply runners if you require.
8. Each horse race sponsor will receive unlimited half price entry tickets (£10) to the members enclosure, so you can bring as many supporters as you like to cheer your horse on and enjoy a day out at Kelso Races.

All available for £120 per pantomime horse!

Finally We now have 5 limited edition animals available including a Hippo, Camel, Cow, Elephant and Black Stallion all available on a first come first served basis for £140 each.
If you would be interested in taking part in this excellent Advertising opportunity and this extremely unique way to support your local community and donate to charity please contact us on the details below.

The video footage and more information on last year’s race can be found at or on our YouTube channel.

BBA at the BGH

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BBA at the BGH

Another treadmill day for the BBA, this time at Borders General Hospital, Melrose to raise funds for the Friends of the BGH charity who help supply much needed medical equipment for the local hospital. Follow our day on Facebook

Captain’s sky dive

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Sky dive for Marie Curie Cancer careBBA captain Steve Mellor took to the skies on Wednesday 30th July 2014 to raise funds for the local Marie Curie Cancer Care charity. Steve fulfilled a lifelong dream of a parachute jump at the Peterlee parachute centre near Durham and said ‘it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life, what a rush! Thank you to everyone who sponsored me’.

Steve’s sponsored jump and a recent BBA supermarket treadmill run have together raised over £930 for Marie Cure Cancer care. Thank you everyone.

BBA nominated for fundraising team of the year with the Fire a Fighters Charity!

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We are absolutely delighted to be shortlisted for fundraising team of the year for a second time with the Fire Fighters Charity!

The very prestigious Spirit Of Fire awards takes place on the 16th of May at the Park Plaza hotel in London.

Wish us luck!

Kilimanjaro conquered

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Borders Barmy Army pictured at Uhuru Peak, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. The highest peak in Africa. To raise funds for the Fire Fighters charity.

Visit our facebook page for more photos.

A huge thank you goes to everyone who sponsored us and donated at our many events in our Year of Madness. Thank you. Over £20,000 was raised for a number of charities.


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Steve Mellor & Lee Myers attend Downing St with the Fire Fighters Charity.

This weekend has been another huge mile stone for the BBA as we attended the Spirit of Fire Awards in London with The Fire Fighters Charity that included a reception at 10 Downing St.

The Spirit of Fire Awards is the most prestigious event in the fire and rescue services’ calendar, recognising acts of selfless sacrifice within the fire and rescue community and dedication to the Charity. The Borders Barmy Army have been supporting this charity for around 18 months and as recognition of our support we had been nominated for an award in the category of “The Fire Fighters Charity Supporter of the Year – Team Supporter of the Year”.

As nominees for this award, the Borders Barmy Army comprising Richard Minnikin, Lee Myers and Steve Mellor attended the Spirit of Fire awards ceremony in the Park Plaza Westminster hotel in London and we were also lucky enough to attend a preceding Downing Street reception that included a tour of the Famous number 10!  Throughout the day we met Brave men and women from across the country and heard there stories that had led them to be nominated for an award, it was a hugely inspiring day.  We were also lucky enough to meet a host of celebrities including Football legend Kevin Keegan, Scottish Actress Natalie Rob and Secretary of State Eric Pickles.

We did not win the award but we felt like winners just to have been nominated and to be there.  We were extremely honoured to have received this nomination and have very much enjoyed working with the Fire Fighters charity, we are very excited to be working with the charity again during our next campaign.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the Kilt Shop in Galashiels for sponsoring us and providing us with our kilt hire and to Lothian & Borders Fire & Rescue Service, Chief Fire Officer Alex Clark and his team and Scottish Borders Councillor Rory Stewart who all attended the awards to support us, this came as a huge surprise and we are very grateful for your support and you excellent company on the night!

ain’t no mountain high enough for the BBA!!!!!

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BSLT Tweedbank - As we start our challenge!

This weekend was one never to be forgotten for Steve Mellor, Lee Myers, Richard Minnikin and Kevin Traill from the Borders Barmy Army and our 17 brave participants as we took on the mighty national 3 peaks challenge.  This involved climbing Ben Nevis, Scaffell Pike and Snowdon in the fastest time possible. As with all our other campaigns the BBA completed all 3 mountains in our trademark kilts!

All brave walkers: Karen Horsley, Richard Lindsay, Ross Lindsay, Steph McCormick, Alicja Piliszczuk, Jenny Rankine, Brian Shiel, Robert Sinclair, Kev Traill, Elaine Turnbull, Riaz Usmani, Agnes Wappler, Lesley Watson, Andrea Williams, Garry Wilson, Pete Farquhar, Chris Eadie, Steve Mellor, Lee Myers, Rich Minnikin

At 1pm on Saturday David Johnson from BSLT officially started the event at Borders Sports and Leisure trust Tweedbank sports complex and we were driven by Telfords of Newcastleton to Fort William where we would face the first stage of our challenge, the mighty Ben Nevis.

David also set a second challenge and presented each of the BBA members with an egg.  We were then tasked with carrying our eggs up and down each mountain and returning them to him unbroken, which we did!

We split into 3 small groups of similar abilities and each group was lead by a guide from Distant Horizons Ltd who are based in the Lake District.  At around 6pm the stop watch started and our challenge got underway.

Ben Nevis was fantastic.   It is said that there are only 60 clear nights a year and we were lucky enough to experience one.  The majority of our participants took a break at the top of the summit and watched the sunset on a clear and breathtaking Fort William sky line.  We then descended with head torches in the dark back down the mountain.  Ben Nevis had been a tough climb for all but that was soon forgotten with the excitement of coming back down in the dark.

At around 01:30 am we left Fort William and headed to for the Lake District.  After a few hours of sleep on the coach we were all ready to climb Scaffel Pike and at 9am we started the second part of our challenge from Seathwaite Farm.  This mountain came with another once in a lifetime experience!  As we reached the summit we were caught in a huge thunder storm.  You could smell the static in the air and some people felt vibrations every time the lighting flashed, the thunder was directly above us and the rain was very heavy, we were very quickly marched back down to safety as soon as we had touched the summit.  There was no time for photos and the weather continued to deteriorate.

Because of all the rain the paths we had followed up had become rivers and we had a great time on the decent walking through streams as we returned to the coach.

Within our 17 participants, 7 people made up team 1 who were codenamed Team Elite.  Team Elite was lead by Garry Wilson and BSLT’s very own Pete Farquhar.  Their team were determined to complete the challenge within 24 hours.

The bus drivers did a fantastic job in supporting us and got us to Snowdon ahead of time.  This gave Team Elite just enough time to complete the challenge in just less than 24 hours.

We started climbing Snowden at 9pm with head torches.  This was yet another fantastic experience as we climbed up the rocky misty mountain.  When we reached the summit the mist lifted and the full moon lit up fantastic views.  We were then faced with a difficult task of climbing back down the rocky surface as the mist continued to roll back in and after losing the path for a short while, we managed it.

This was undoubtedly one of our finest challenges yet.  We are delighted to say that Team Elite completed the challenge in 23 hours 43 minutes!  The BBA would like to congratulate everyone who took part in this challenge; we have been extremely impressed with the courage and determination shown by everyone to get through this once in a lifetime endurance event!

Finally we would like to say a huge thank you to our brave participants for raising funds for local Macmillan and taking part, David Johnson and Border Sport & Leisure trust for supporting the BBA through another campaign and helping the majority of participants with their training, Reiverr Embroidery for donating our banner, Distant Horizons Ltd, Telfords Coaches of Newcastleton and Slanj Ltd of Edinburgh for providing the BBA kilts with Commando flaps for this challenge and to everyone who has sponsored  our participants or the Borders Barmy Army Macmillan committee throughout this campaign.

You can still sponsor us by visiting here

We are delighted to say we hope to raise £5000 for LOCAL Macmillan from this challenge.

A huge well done to everyone involved and thank you from the Borders Barmy Army Macmillan Committee.

The BBA – Tough Enough for the fire fighters charity!!!

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Tough Enough BBA

On Saturday Lee, Liam and Kev from the BBA took part in Lancashire Fire & Rescue’s Tough Enough Challenge for the fire fighters charity.

The event we held at Lancashire Fire & Rescue Training Centre near Chorley.  We travelled down on the Friday night and we were lucky enough to be able to stay in the excellent facilities.

The day was a good mix of how the service used to be to how it is now.  You called the instructors Sir / Ma’am etc.  We were issued full protective gear, gloves and helmets and then it was time for the fun to start.

The morning was all about hose running.  We took on various drills that would normally be drilled by new recruits e.g. running out hoses, running out and connecting hoses together etc.  We had regular water breaks as it was hot, and to be honest we were glad of them as the challenge was that physically tough.

Before lunch we had to run   what felt like miles in our gear, that was the hardest thing so far.  But when we reached our destination it was lunch time.

In the afternoon it was Drills time!  We will were split into groups of 8 and then into 2 teams of 4 within our 8.  We where to take on a serious of timed challenges throughout the day and there would be an overall winner and also a prize for the best candidate, when judging they took into account time, team work, communication etc.

Our first challenge was the dexterity test, we were shown how to assemble and dissemble a piece of equipment and we were timed doing it.

This is when the Thunder and lightning and the heavy rain started.

Our next challenge was to run a hose full of water up a stair well of a 4 story structure.  We took the shortest path first and went straight up the banister.  Once we had finished we had a minute to confer with the other 4 and both our teams times would be added together to get our overall time.  They nailed it!  They had a fantastic time so we where off to a good start!  Well done team!!!

Our 3rd challenge was the confined spaces challenge.  This was by far my favourite!  The task was to crawl and find our way through the maze carrying a weighted hose.  When manovering the hose in the dark the maze would go up a level, down a level, left or right and occasionally you would have to crawl under a Lip or step over one.  When you reached the end you switched the hose for a 55kg casualty dummy and had to bring the dummy back through the maze all this as quick as you could.  This was an extremely physical task.  We watch Liam lead his team into the building first and when they came out the look shattered. Liam had also lost his water bottle ha ha.  We honestly thought this would be the easiest task. When it was our turn we got the hose to the other end in no time, retrieved the casualty and started manovering our way back.  About half way, we got stuck at a half meter lip that we had to get the casualty over.  This was extremely tough and took 3 of us to do it, which was no easy task as the chambers where only a meter squared ant there was not allot of room.  The instructor shouted that we were 1 minute ahead of all other team and we had to get out now, Kev who was leading us back had moved into standing room, he know how tired we all were and stepped in, grabbed the casualty himself and pool it through the exit!  Well done Kev!!!  Also Natalie retrived Liams water bottle from the maze and returned it to him.  Surely that was worth a bonus point?

Next we were on to the final event, the dreaded ring road challenge.  We were split into 2 teams, numbered 1 to 12 and object was to run out hoses around the ring road, we were told it was 700m but im sure it was further than that.  It was raining really heavy and one by one we ran out with our hoses, connected it to the next persons hose, then dismantled it and carried it to the front and started the process again until we reached the finish.  This is the toughest work out I have ever done in my life.  We were shattered, we had nothing left in the tank but still we pushed and kept running and carrying our hoses.  Having done a marathon in November we where no stranger to running, but this was so tough!  However the instructors really helped to motivate you and push when you really did have nothing left.

After the Ring Road challenge we then took of our Gear and made our way to the assembly hall for the presentation.  One by one we were awarded with our certificates and fantastic TShirts for the event.  We also each got our photo taken with the Chief Fire Officer.

Then they announced the results of the competition, Yellow squad were asked to stand …………………………. We where yellow squad!  We had won tough enough!  I still cant believe we won.  However it was extremely close and we had one by only a second or two.  We where awarded with Lancashire Fire & Rescue Plaques that we were all honoured to receive!

We would strongly recommend anyone interested in joining the service or looking for an adrenalin filled challenge check out the Tough Enough Challenge on the Fire Fighters Charity Web Site!



FireFighter Challenge 2012!

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BBA at McDonald Road Training Centre

On Saturday the BBA were lucky enough to take part in the Fire Fighter for the day challenge for the Fire Fighters Charity with Lothian & Borders Fire & Rescue Service.

This truly was a phenomenal event!

A team of 6 from the BBA headed to McDonald Road in the sunshine and went through one of the best challenges we have ever done!

We were lucky enough to train all day in Fire Protective gear, we each were given the chance to go up in the HP 100ft in the air, we were shown casualty evacuation, safe entry, use of the branch, searches and routes  and much much more.  Then we transferred to another training site via Fire Engine!

At the next training site this is where things really heated up!  We put on full BA gear and took part in a Flash Over exercise and finally and after lunch we put everything we learned together.  We split into 3 teams and where given assignments to put out a fire and search for casualties.

We are extremely grateful Lothian & Borders Fire & Rescue Service and the Fire Fighters Charity for allowing us to take part in this event.  This truly was a once in a life time opportunity to experience a glimpse of how tough and challenge the job of the Fire Fighter really is!

Great Day!!!

BBA Make A Big Splash!!!

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After weeks of training we made our big splash for Macmillan at Galashiels swimming Pool on Saturday!

Not only did we smash the 1km but we went on to swim a complete MILE IN OUR KILTS!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Galashiels Swimming Pool for all their help with this challenge, and to Mandy Minnikin who took 2 of us who didn’t have a clue what they were doing in the water and got us swimming properly and ready to do the mile is such a short length of time!!!

This was another fantastic experience for the BBA and a great opportunity for the Borders Barmy Army Macmillan Committee to do some fundraising and promote our 3 Peaks Challenge!  SIGN UP NOW FOR THE 3 PEAKS CHALLENGE!!!!!

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